Linear users: take a giant leap outside the feature factory

Linear users: take a giant leap outside the feature factory
Adapted from Amplitude's North Star Playbook.

TLDR; you now have a system for measuring the business results of the work that you track in Linear. Some more background...

Few of us want to work in a “feature factory,” a place where we congratulate ourselves for shipping product enhancements without an understanding of business outcomes.

Leaving the feature factory is easier said than done. As John Cutler puts it, beating the factory “takes a ton more than intent.”

Metrics-driven product development is hard. You must develop a thesis for how your work creates a measurable short-term impact that compounds to create long-term business success. Your thesis can prove false in manifold ways. To nail it, you must constantly examine and adjust your strategy.

Our new product strategy visualization tool struck a chord in the product management community. Using metrics effectively in product building will always be hard, but with DoubleLoop, you can at least see the big picture of relationships between work and metrics.

Watch the demo video:

The percentage of companies who sign up for DoubleLoop that use Linear as their project management tool is on the rise. Linear’s streamlined design has been an inspiration for how we’ve built DoubleLoop.

So we’re excited to share that DoubleLoop now integrates directly with Linear. See below for a diagram that illustrates how it works (adapted from the North Star playbook).

Map your Linear projects to your metrics.

Here's what our strategy visualization looks like in DoubleLoop, populated with live metrics:

Strategy visualization is not everything that DoubleLoop can do. You can also use DoubleLoop to automate your release notes in a style similar to Linear’s own changelog. Linear helped us realize how profound changelogs can be.

If you’d like to give DoubleLoop a try, go here to schedule your onboarding session.